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IMPORTANT: If you have difficulty completing this form on a mobile device, please use a desktop/laptop.

Based on your answers to the following questions, I will reach out as soon as a slot comes open at your available times (it could be as soon as a few weeks, or many months or more depending on your availability and the current client schedule).

mportant Notes:
1) At this time, only clients with full vaccination against Covid-19 will be moved onto the schedule. If you are unvaccinated, you will remain on the waitlist until this policy changes.

2) If you work in direct contact with Covid-19 patients, or your work puts you in regular indoor contact with unmasked, unvaccinated people, you will be placed on the waitlist until the transmission and hospitalization numbers in Georgia go down to a lower level.

3) Appointments are generally scheduled on a bi-weekly basis on the same day and time. These need to be days/times where you will be consistently available. Knowing your availability is crucial to getting you on the schedule. Please note that weekend appointments are not available.

4) Due to the continuing Covid epidemic, clients must be fully masked during all sessions. This means that work on upper lips is not being performed at the moment; however, other areas of the face are still accessible around a mask. If you require only upper lip work, please still sign up; you will remain on the waitlist until upper lip work begins again.