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Wayne Fishell, CPE

Owner and operator of The Root 
Certified Professional Electrologist
Graduate, Aesthetics Institute of Portland

Let's start with something important: where hair grows on your body says nothing about your value as a person, nor should it be an opportunity for others to denigrate you or for you to denigrate yourself. I wish we allowed ourselves to just be human and not judge one another so harshly about our appearance and how our bodies work; we're mammals after all, and one of the defining characteristics of mammals is the growth of hair on the body. But, society has different ideas, and for a whole host of reasons (misogyny, racism, transphobia, unrealistic expectations of what femininity and masculinity are...honestly, the list goes on and on), hair growth in certain areas is seen as undesirable depending on how you fit into the nebulous "norms" that we are all expected to conform to.


That said, I also firmly believe in bodily autonomy; you are allowed to dislike your hair growth for any reason and remove it if that is the best option for you. I have gone through my own hair removal process as a way to try to deal with some of the discomfort I experienced because of unwanted hair growth. In my electrolysis practice, I have worked to create a friendly and compassionate environment, regardless of who you are, how you identify, or the reason you are seeking hair removal. I am here to help you achieve a permanent hair removal solution.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!


What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of providing permanent removal of unwanted hair.​

A small probe matching a hair's diameter is inserted into the follicle alongside the hair and electric current is applied to target the cells in the follicle that are responsible for hair growth. There are three types of electrolysis, called "modalities," which are used depending on the location, size, and coarseness of the targeted hairs.

Once properly treated, the follicle will no longer produce hairs.

Who can benefit?​

Electrolysis is for anyone and everyone who wants to remove unwanted hair, regardless of where on the body, with two notable exceptions: I cannot remove hair from inside the nose or the inner canal of the ear. Treatment on all other parts of the body are permissible.​

What does it feel like?​

​There will be a sensation, and what that feels like is different for each person. Some people experience more discomfort than others (and sensitivity will vary based on body part).

My goal in your treatments will always be to individualize the settings specifically to you to make sure that we are able to move as quickly and effectively as possible, keeping it as comfortable as possible.

How will it affect my skin?

There will be slight swelling and possible redness (depending on your skin tone) in the area after your treatments. The area where the follicles open on the skin may look a bit like mosquito bites. These acute effects are temporary, reducing quickly, though there may be more generalized swelling for several days afterwards depending on how your skin reacts. During your intake consultation, we will go over all the specifics of how to take care of your skin in the days after your treatment to ensure best results.​

How long will it take?

This varies greatly from person to person, and is something that we will evaluate and discuss in person. The larger the area you are looking to clear, the longer it will take to accomplish (sometimes several years based on your schedule availability and budget). In your consultation, we will discuss your goals and map out your treatment plan. That said, I will never be able to definitively give a specific amount of time that it will take to complete your treatments.

​How does electrolysis compare with other methods?

Electrolysis is the only method that is permanent. Laser may reduce the hairs, but may not completely eliminate them. Also, laser often works best for people with light skin and dark hair; there are no such restrictions with electrolysis.​ Shaving, waxing, sugaring, and threading are all temporary.​

While these methods are quick, the fact that they are not permanent means that they are solutions that you never stop using. Electrolysis takes longer to treat an entire area, but once follicles are properly treated, no further hair will emanate from those specific follicles.


My Commitment to the Transgender Community


I recognize how important the practice of electrolysis is to the transgender community and I welcome you with open arms! My promise is to always treat my clients with dignity and respect, and work with you to get to where you want to be. As a fellow member of the LGBTQ+ community, I would not have made it through my own coming-out process without the help of loving allies, and I am so happy to be able to pay that forward in my support for you in your transition!


I work anywhere on the body, and am honored to be one of the few electrologists in the area who provide services in preparation for bottom surgery.


As an aside, the restrooms in my office suite are designated as all-gender restrooms.


Pricing is determined by body part; review the list below. All clients must receive a full consultation before an in-person appointment can be made, even if you have already received electrolysis treatments from a different provider in the past. Consultations are completed online and are free of charge. The shortest available session is 30 minutes.

$100 per hour

$58 for 30 minutes

Preparation for bottom surgery (regardless of body part), face, neck, chest, stomach, back, hands & feet, and arms.

$120 per hour

$72 for 30 minutes

Underarms, bikini & inner thigh, buttocks, anorectal & genital, and legs.

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